Nala is Free!

Recently while volunteering at Miami-Dade Animal Services I photographed a beautiful 7 month old Pit Bull named Nala. I started following the threads on social media as her photo got shared and the pleas to help her went out. When I heard that she had found a rescue group to take her, but all she needed was a ride out of the shelter I happily volunteered. The Pit Bull Crew rescue in Naples, FL ( agreed to take her. So I picked Nala up at the shelter and drove her to meet one the rescues members at a rest stop out on Alligator Alley, half way between Miami and Naples. The shelter is very overcrowded now and Nala had come down with an upper respiratory infection, which made it much more likely that she would be selected to be euthanized. So it is a huge success that she was rescued. There were a lot of people involved in getting her out. I heard she is doing great in her new foster home too. What a happy tail!


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