Happy Tails #8 | Bella

Here’s the 8th installment in the “Happy Tails” feature. The intent is to help create a positive image of shelter pets. There are still many misconceptions and negative beliefs held by the public that are barriers to adoption. By highlighting successful adoptions I aim to show that you can find healthy, loving dogs and cats at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

You can visit http://www.miamidade.gov/animals/ to find out how to adopt your new best friend too!

This weeks star is Bella, a 2 year old Yorkie. I asked her owners, Jessie & Danny, some questions about Bella and their experience adopting from a shelter.

What is your dog’s name and age and when did you adopt her?
We adopted Bella (Candy at the shelter) on July 10, 2014. We believe Bella to be almost 2 years old.

What made you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter?

We had decided a while back that for our next dog we would adopt and not buy from a breeder. We had an infant at home at the time and a puppy just seemed like too much work. We didn’t regret our decision one bit.

What made you pick this particular dog?
We have a Yorkie at home at love the breed. She was our first pick.

How was the transition period when your dog was adjusting to their new home?
She came home with kennel cough so we had to keep her away from our other dog for a week, while taking her meds (provided by the shelter). Not to mention, she had her back leg amputated and was recovering from that as well (amputated at the shelter). It was a difficult week with an infant and two dogs that had to be kept away from each other but we survived. She loves her new siblings and adjusted very well to being a pampered pooch.

What was the most fun thing you learned about your new dog after you brought them home?
How loving and grateful she is to be here. She came home potty trained and she didn’t know what a toy was when we got her and now loves them. I also learned how agile she is and how well she manages getting around with just 3 legs.

What is your dog’s favorite thing to do?
Run around and annoy her older Yorkie brother.

Would you adopt again from a shelter or recommend it to others?
We are planning on adopting again. Just waiting to have a bigger house with a yard. I will never buy a dog knowing there are so many amazing dogs at the shelter. I love our little tripod and couldn’t picture our life without her. I show pictures of her to everyone and put her story out there raising awareness to how important adopting a pet is and how they would be saving a life.


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