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Another installment of my “Happy Tails” feature. The goal is to highlight successful adoptions from Miami-Dade Animal Services and encourage more people to consider pet adoption from a shelter.

You can visit http://www.miamidade.gov/animals/ to find out how to adopt your new best friend too!

This happy tail is about Khloe & Quincy. Khloe came from Miami-Dade animal services and Quincy was rescued right off the street.

I asked their owner, Cecilia, some questions about them and her experience adopting from a shelter.

What is your dog’s name and age and when do you adopt her?
I have two dogs one I adopted from MDAS in May of 2014, her name was Ingrid when I adopted her I changed it to Khloe and she will be four soon. When I adopted her she was six and a half weeks old. I also have Quincy a dog someone dumped in my neighborhood about two years ago.

What made you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter?
Adoption is my only option when it comes to getting a pet.

What made you pick this particular dog?
Apparently there is such a thing called black dog/cat syndrome in the shelters. That is people in South Florida don’t like black pets and those are the ones least likely to get adopted and so those are the ones I want. I don’t have a black cat because I’m allergic to cats.

How was the transition period when your dog was adjusting to their new home?
When I adopted Khloe, I had just put down my previous dog Alley, that I had been blessed to have for fourteen years. Khloe was a six week old puppy and so I needed to house train her and teach her basic commands. It was an adjustment, I believe, for both of us. We had our growing pains but we went to a local pet store to get trained and everything changed after that. I learned a few tricks too.

What was the most fun thing you learned about your new dog after you brought her home?
Khloe is a funny, spunky dog. I think she’s mixed with shepherd and so she’s very watchful of everyone and everything. When I adopted her, I was told she was a lab mixed with golden retriever. Then her ears plopped up and I figured she wasn’t. Her favorite place in the house, other than being on the couch with me, is in front of our living room window where she can observe the ongoings of the neighborhood.

What is your dog’s favorite thing to do?

Khloe loves to eat. Seriously, she’s very food driven. She also loves to go for car rides and just be next to me.

Would you adopt again from a shelter or recommend it to others?
150% I would adopt again and I recommend it to everyone I know. There are pure breed dogs there everyday. You just have to be patient and one will come up.

Although Quincy didn’t come from Miami-Dade animal services I wanted to include him too. Here is some info about how Cecilia rescued him:

“I found Quincy in my neighborhood one morning. I had hoped he was just lost but after taking him to the vet to see if he was microchipped, he wasn’t; posting him on social media accounts like Finding Rover, Facebook and Instagram, posting him on flyers at the local pet stores and neighborhood stores, and no one claimed him, I realized he had been dumped in my neighborhood. My vet said he was about 5-7 months old when I found him. He was already about 50 pounds by then and I couldn’t find him a home. Taking him to the shelter was not an option because he’s black and I thought he was mixed with pitbull and those are illegal in Miami. I also didn’t want to add another black dog to the number of dogs already there. I paid for a DNA test and saw he’s a mix of American Bulldog and Boxer. After about two months, I couldn’t find him the perfect family for him and realized he found his perfect family that January morning when we saw him.”


Cecilia & Khloe

Khloe, Cecilia & Quincy

Quincy & Cecilia


Quincy, Cecilia & Khloe

Quincy, Cecilia & Khloe

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  • LiciaMarch 27, 2018 - 3:22 am

    Amazing story!! We love Cecilia and her dogs! She’s a star and Khloe and Quincy are lucky to have such an amazing mom!! We love you Ceci Boo!!ReplyCancel

    • AnonymousMarch 27, 2018 - 8:09 pm

      And we love you, Licia. ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

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