Pet Photography Project 52 Week 16 : Headshots

Welcome to another week of the Pet Photography Project 52 blog circle. This week’s topic is “Headshots”. Pretty self-explanatory.

For my models I visited a friend’s house to photograph her crew of dogs, all of whom are rescues.

First up is Chloe Bug. She is a 10 year old Beagle that was adopted from Paws 4 You Rescue in 2009. As per her mom – “Medium-energy (lazy when you are, up for anything when you are), funny, affectionate, submissive to people and dogs. Everybody’s best friend. Loves walking, exploring, and cuddling! Registered Therapy Dog sharing smiles with humans in need.”

Chloe Bug

Chloe Bug

Next is Lyla Bear. She is an 8 year old Beagle that was adopted from Paws 4 You Rescue in 2012. From her mom – “Medium-energy (lazy when you are, up for anything when you are), awesome, submissive to people. Tries to establish herself as the boss among dogs, but is totally fine when it doesn’t work out. We call her Officer Lyla sometimes. Loves walking, exploring, hunting, and bike riding! Healthy prey drive. Training to be a Registered Therapy Dog.” Lyla is also a distemper survivor!

Lyla Bear

Lyla Bear

Next is Fugi Moto. He is a 5 year old Shar Pei mix. He was captured as a feral dog in 2014 and has succeeded on an incredible journey to beloved and loving family member. From his mom – “Fugi is energetic, athletic, and agile. He can jump incredibly high. He loves starting every morning running next to a bike and spends the rest of the day alternating between naps, chewing on Nylabones, and wrestling with dogs.”

Fugi Moto

Fugi Moto

Last, but not least, is Shai. He is currently being fostered, but is highly fearful of humans (except his foster mom and dad). They have very patiently been working with him since 2017. He does love other dogs and plays all day with his brothers and sisters.


Don’t forget about all the other fantastic photographers who posted this week! Next up is Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people.

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  • JessicaApril 20, 2018 - 11:23 am

    Such pawsonalities! I’m hopeful with the right people Shai will get the loving home she deserves!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy AllardApril 20, 2018 - 11:42 am

    Great models and beautiful image, so sun-kissed! ReplyCancel

  • UlyApril 20, 2018 - 1:07 pm

    They are all beautiful. All your models have exceptional personalities coming through.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly MiddlebrooksApril 20, 2018 - 1:18 pm

    Such wonderful images. I just love the scruffy and senior dogs.ReplyCancel

  • Tim EvansApril 22, 2018 - 4:36 pm

    You do such a good job capturing not only the pets’ unique features (I’m thinking of Lyla’s ears) but their characters as well. I feel like I know them so well.ReplyCancel

  • Lynda MowatApril 23, 2018 - 8:04 am

    I love Beagles! Great shots. Good luck to Shai.he looks like he’d be a fun pup to have.ReplyCancel

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