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Another installment of my “Happy Tails” feature. The goal is to highlight successful adoptions from Miami-Dade Animal Services and encourage more people to consider pet adoption from a shelter.

You can visit http://www.miamidade.gov/animals/ to find out how to adopt your new best friend too!

This “Happy Tail” is about Sweetie, who was adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services in 2009.

I asked her owner, Aileen, some questions about her and her experience adopting from a shelter.

What is your dog’s name and age and when do you adopt her?
Sweetie is her name. She’s around 15 years old. I adopted her in 2009.

What made you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter?
Adopting a shelter pet means I save two lives- the dog I adopt frees up one space at the shelter for another one.

What made you pick this particular dog?
Large shelters like Miami Dade Animal Services receive so many pets daily and so their time is limited to make space for more. At the time, I already had 3 dogs and wasn’t looking to adopt but came across Sweetie because I worked at the shelter. Sweetie had been at the shelter for a while and nobody had shown interest in her so I decided to foster her and later adopted her.

How was the transition period when your dog was adjusting to their new home?
With three other dogs at home, I knew that I had to be patient and give them time to adjust. I had fostered dogs before, so it can take a few days for them to get accustomed to each other. I introduced Sweetie to my dogs outside the house and did not leave them unsupervised the first few days until I was sure they would get along. There were little quarrels but that’s just a way dogs tell each other how their pack works. With Sweetie being so submissive, it worked out because there were two other dominant dogs in the house.

What was the most fun thing you learned about your new dog after you brought her home?
That I can make her smile with treats! She hates selfies, but I can still make her smile for the camera with treats 😊

What is your dog’s favorite thing to do?
Follow me around the house.

Would you adopt again from a shelter or recommend it to others?
Adopting a shelter pet is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done and will continue to do. Every day, I am showered with pet kisses. I look forward every day to go on our walks and share happy moments with Sweetie. I am very proud to be a shelter dog mom!

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